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Bringing champagne lovers together

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Nothing lifts spirits quite like champagne.

Champagne every day was created to bring a little bit of sparkle to brighten the days of our bubble loving friends. We bring together a community of champagne lovers, collectors, sommeliers, importers and winemakers throughout the Asia Pacific region.
We curate a selection of online tastings with winemakers and industry experts, and provide export development services to wineries around the world.

Lucy Edwards - founder

Having worked in the industry since 2009, Lucy is a self confessed champagne nerd. 

When she joined the French Chamber of Commerce to help grower producers looking to import to Australia, she fell in love with champagne, not because of the glitz & glamour but because of the undeniable mix of art & science required to create the world’s most prestigious wines, the dedication to traditional winemaking and the gracious hospitality of the champenois. 

Over the past 10 years, Lucy has consulted to houses such as Jacquart, Pertois-Lebrun & Charpentier, and was a pivotal in driving and developing the Vranken-Pommery Monopole brand in Australia and South East Asia for over 5 years. She then went on to build Emperor Champagne Club from scratch in Singapore. 

She has an acute knowledge of wine and specifically champagne and an extensive network in Australasia.
She is passionate about bringing more interesting cuvees to wine lovers and collectors of the region. 

Connect with Lucy here or send her an email here.


“Lucy has a great knowledge of champagne and hosts wonderful masterclasses with some of my favourite winemakers of the region.”

— Michael, London

"Learning about the history of Taittinger was fascinating as Clovis is a great storyteller. The session was very enjoyable, and I highly recommend anyone who's a fan of Champagne to get in on these masterclasses as they shed new light on the pleasure of bubbles"

— Pauline, Singapore

“As a sommelier, I am always looking for opportunities to exchange with the great winemakers of our time. These virtual tastings are a great way to learn and taste in confinement.”

— Ben, Singapore

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