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Book a Champagne Masterclass

Are you interested in exploring a certain theme in champagne? Or simply go back over the basics? Book a private session for yourself and your friends
with our founder Lucy Edwards. 

While in-person tasting rooms may not be an option for everyone right now, it is still possible to enjoy champagnes and discover the magic of the wine through a virtual class. 

Lucy Edwards has been working in the industry for over a decade and is passionate about sharing the secrets of champagne. She is an expert in the field and is able to track down
some of the finest wines of the region. 


Pop open a bottle you have on hand, or let Lucy help you source some of
the best wine you've never heard of. 

We can explore themes like:

- Wine of Queens and Queens of Wine: The women leading Champagne

- Cult Growers of Champagne

- Organic Heroes of Champagne

- The History of Champagne through Art

- Champagne Glassware and Service

- etc.

Just let us know your preference when you book,
and we can tailor the theme to your specifications


What people say

Marine Guillou
President of the French Bilingual Association, Melbourne

"Lucy conducted an online masterclass for members of our association and all the attendants loved it. Lucy is very knowledgeable, engaging and the presentation was really entertaining ! Lucy was also very helpful in tailoring a masterclass for our members who speak French and English and even organising an optional tasting pack. "



Founder Lucy Edwards has over 10 years experience building wine and spirits brands overseas. She fell in love with champagne, not because of the glitz & glamour but because of the undeniable mix of art & science required to create the world’s most prestigious wines, the dedication to traditional winemaking and the gracious hospitality of the champenois.

She loves sharing the stories of the growers and maisons of the region.

View snippets from Lucy's masterclasses with our friends in Champagne on youtube here

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