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Interview of Jewellery Designer & Champagne Specialist Lucy Edwards

The below is an extract of an interview for

Lucy Edwards has been working in the champagne business for over a decade, and is the designer of champagne inspired collection of jewellery and her own label: Champagne Every Day. She tells us about the inspiration behind her jewellery and how it came to light.

What inspired you to create jewellery for champagne lovers?

When I first started working in champagne, I fell truly madly deeply in love with the wine and the region. The undeniable mix of art & science required to create the world’s most prestigious wines became an intense obsession, and any occasion to discuss and learn, I pounced upon I wanted to show my passion for the wine, and started looking for a dainty good luck charm. The only charms I found were either tacky and made with brass and nickel, or incredibly overpriced. It didn’t need to be complicated. I just wanted a dainty little cork on a fine chain that wouldn’t make my skin turn green! Anyone who has spent more than five minutes with me will know that I come up with new business ideas almost as much as I think about champagne. Most of my ideas are not worth more than a few minutes’ entertainment, but this one stuck with me. Surely there were other champagne lovers out there who would wear or gift something like this? Through a serendipitous meeting with a third generation silversmith in Bali, I started working on my first collection which included champagne corks on a necklace, earrings and charms.

How are your collections reminiscent of champagne?

There is no doubt that champagne is the driving factor in my designs. I started with corks, then I created a muselet in 2:1 scale in silver, gold and rose gold, and I have recently started making capsules in the same scale, which is a hit with placomusophiles. They will be necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. I’m also expanding to lapel pins and cufflinks, so that the gentlemen don’t feel left out.

Champagne drinkers are discerning in more than just their drink choices. How did you make sure the quality was up to scratch?

I wanted these pieces to be worn every day, so it took a lot of time and effort to source the highest quality precious metals. I only work with 925 silver, and 18 carat gold. The gold and rose gold pieces are made in silver, and then dipped in a thick coat of 18ct gold. The minimum standard to be called vermeil is thickness of 2.5 microns thick and the gold must be at least 10K. I work with a minimum of 3 microns. This means they are not only hypoallergenic, but they also do not tarnish. Inspired by the eccentric practices of bioenergetic grower Marc Augustin who drops amethysts, rubies and sapphires into his fermentation tanks, I am expanding my collection to include gemstones. I have recently done a gemmology course, and will be including natural citrine, peridot and topaz in my “tourbillon de bulles” ring collection. This is inspired by the whirlwind of perlage rising in the glass.

Where can we find your jewellery?

My collection is available in Scandinavia through with 24 hour delivery, and worldwide through with 10 day delivery.