Planning the Future of Champagne with Thibaut Le Mailloux

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

The 2020 vintage has clearly highlighted something we have known for decades: climate change is having a dramatic effect on the region. As this trend continues, we will see our cherished tipple be challenged, and the whole ecosystem around it will be put into peril.

The region has experienced an increase of over 1 degree Celsius in 30 years, which has resulted in a drop of acidity and a 1 degree increase in alcohol. 2020 was the driest year ever recorded in the vines which has been great for reducing fungus disease, but this is only temporary.

Therefor, the Comité has rolled out multiple initiatives to reduce our impact on the environment, and to adapt to a slight increase in temperature.

To reduce the impact, their plan is to protect the water, air and biodiversity.

In an effort to adapt to the higher temperatures, the Comité is experimenting with new varietals. The aim of these new hybrids is to retain acidity in higher temperatures to keep the freshness of our cherished tipple, and be more resistant to disease.

Part of the plan for a better future in Champagne is increasing the precision in grape growing techniques with the "Viticulture de Precision" plan. This means adopting high technology to optimise current labour intensive processes and procedures carried out in the vines. This includes using new robots, artificial intelligence and big data to improve efficiency.

To hear more about how the champenois are adapting to the new higher temperatures, and showcasing their terroir, make sure you sign up to our next events here:

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