Eight Glamorous Hotels To Book For a Post Covid Trip To Champagne!

With all our travel plans on hold in 2020, we are here to get you sorted for when the travel becomes possible again. There is nowhere we would rather be for our Post-Covid vacation as the region has some of the most stunning properties to enjoy. Whether you would like to stay in stunning palaces, or grower champagne houses that open their doors to a select few, there is something for everyone. So, get your bucket list out, because below are some places you will definitely want to add to it.

1. Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa

Located in Champillon at the entrance of the Vallée de la Marne, this building is a fresh breeze of modern-architecture built around a relay station in which the kings of France used to stay on their way to be crowned in Reims. Inaugurated in 2018, it has an array of facilities from fine dining restaurants with stunning views of the vines to wellness and spa services. The hotel has also partnered with local businesses and artisans to offer immersive experiences to their guests.

Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa

Average price per night: €550

Services: Restaurant, Bar, Spa, Gym, Meeting Rooms and Experiences

2. Les Crayères

The Domaine Les Crayères was initially built by Louise de Polignac (nee Pommery) across from the Pommery domain in Reims. It was converted into a luxury hotel in 1980 with 9 exquisite suites and a restaurant was later opened for the public in 1983. The restaurant named Le Parc is a must try in the region and run by the famous 2 Michelin Star chef, Philippe Mille, but if you're unable to get a table you can always book in a lovely lunch in the more casual bistro "Le Jardin" in the gardens. There are over 600 different champagnes available so you will be spoilt for choice.

Les Crayères

Average price per night: €450

Services: Restaurant, Bar, Gym, Meeting Rooms, and Golf Course

3. Château de Sacy

Nestled in the small village of Sacy, the Château was saved from crumbling into a heap of dust and recently restored. The stunning hotel and restaurant were opened in 2016 after years of neglect. They now have a number of facilities and stunning views of the vines of the Montagne de Reims from each of their rooms. The property is perfect to complement your aesthetic Instagram grid, and is also a wonderful place for lunch in the vines.

Château de Sacy

Average price per night: €280

Services: Restaurant, Bar, Wellness, Wedding Venues and Event Spaces

4. Le Domaine du Chalet

Nestled in the village of Chigny-les-Roses, Domaine du Chalet was built in 1860 by Madame Pommery as her country home. It was purchased by champagne house Palmer & Co in 2017 and now houses 6 exceptional suites, including a luxury tree house. Located in the heart of their Grand Cru and Premier Cru vineyards, it offers its guests a decadent Champagne Palmer & Co. gastronomic experience with their Table d’Hôtes. One can only indulge in the food of Damien Litaudon if you're staying the night.

Le Domaine du Chalet

Average price per night: €210

Services: Restaurant, Bar, Wellness and Champagne Experiences

5. Manoir Henri Giraud

Located minutes away from Epernay, the capital of the Champagne region, Manoir Henri Giraud is a 19th century art nouveau estate. The cellars of the manor have been converted into a spa rooms where champagne wellness treatments called Craÿothérapie. Discerning guests are pampered with chalk and even encouraged to drink detoxifying chalk concoction for a fully immersive experience in the terroir. They also offer private tours of the Domaine Henri Giraud with a tasting of their selection of champagnes.

Manoir Henri Giraud

Average price per night: €378

Services: Restaurant, Bar, Wellness and Spa and Champagne Experiences

6. Les Suites du 33

Owned by the champagne house, De Venoge, Les Suites du 33 is a small property located in the outbuildings of L'Hotel De Venoge on the Avenue de Champagne in Epernay. It includes Apartments and a few Deluxe Rooms which are equipped with high class amenities. The champagne house also has one of the largest Vinothèques of Champagne for your perfect weekend getaway.

Les Suites du 33

Average price per night: €235

Services: Restaurant, Bar, Champagne Experiences and Vinothèque

7. Le 25bis by Leclerc Briant

An 18th century house, located in the famous Avenue de Champagne, was restored and built to reflect the style and image of La Maison Leclerc Briant. Being a member of 'Esprit de France', the house shares a strong commitment to the common values of heritage, art and culture. With stunning modern architecture, the hotel has a sophisticated wine shop and they offer visits of the cellars below but also their oldest biodynamic vineyard just behind the house: La Croisette.

Le 25 bis by Leclerc Briant

Average price per night: €250

Services: Champagne Experiences and Wine Shop

8. Les Avisés

Owned by the Domaine Jacques Selosse, the concept of the property was to create an atmosphere which gives a feeling of home where everyone gathered. Built in a classic and contemporary style, the 10-room property has a gastronomic restaurant managed by chef Stéphane Rossillon who unfolds the secrets of Champagne in every dish he makes. Their stunning spa is the perfect spot for you to complete your vacation and perhaps one of the only places to meet the elusive Anselme Selosse himself.

Les Avisés

Average price per night: €200

Services: Restaurant, Bar, Wellness Spa and Champagne Experiences